Pentair Residential Filtration offers a wide range of solutions for the entire home, including Point-of-Use and Whole House solutions

Point-of-Use (POU) systems treat the water designated for a particular tap or use. POU devices can filter out bad tastes, colors or odors, and reduce health-related contaminants. Whole House solutions, also known as Point-of-Entry (POE) systems, connect the water supply where it enters the house, allowing all of the water used throughout the home to be treated, including water used in the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry. These systems are ideal to treat hardness in the water, and filter contaminants such as iron, lead, bacteria and viruses.

  • 全屋水处理解决方案,

    全屋水处理解决方案,又称作“入户端水处理系统”(POE),接于入户端的主供水管上。这使家庭所有用水都经过初步净化和处理,包括厨房,浴室与洗衣房等。如果您的家庭遇到了全面的水质问题,那么一套POE的设备将解决您的烦恼。 Read More
  • 使用端水处理系统(POU)

    使用端水处理系统(POU),在某些技术上和全屋水处理是相同的,诸如沉积滤芯,活性炭滤芯,或者反渗透技术。但与入户端的处理不同,POU系统只处理特定龙头或仅针对饮用水进行处理。 Read More