Chemical/Lead/Cyst Reduction Cartridges

  • CBR2 Series

    CBR2 Series
    The CBR2-10 and CBR2-10R are advanced multimedia cartridges designed to reduce chlorine taste and odor, and other contaminants. View Products
  • CFBC Series

    CFBC Series
    CFBC Series Series cartridges offer the effective chlorine taste and odor reduction found in traditional carbon block media while providing... View Products
  • CFB-PB10

    The CFB-PB cartridge is designed to reduce chlorine taste & odor, sediment and other substances. View Products
  • FloPlus

    FloPlus cartridges boast extremely low pressure drops and high flow rates – comparable to 10-micron (very open) carbon cartridges. View Products
  • MicroGuard Series

    MicroGuard Series
    MicroGuard Series membrane filters provide safer and cleaner drinking water without incorporating chemicals into the media or adding chemicals... View Products
  • SCBC-10 Series

    SCBC-10 Series
    Pentek SCBC-10 Antimicrobial Carbon Block Cartridges are treated to inhibit biofilm and microbial build-up in the filter that can decrease product. View Products