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Find an Authorized Distributor or Professional Partner – United States and Canada Only

Pentair Residential Filtration residential water treatment and filtration products may be purchased through a variety of sources. Explore the links provided or select from the link associated with the “where to buy” option of most interest to you.

Not sure where to buy? While all the choices below are good ones, they are not all created equal. Your best option will depend upon your specific needs (known or unknown) relative to criteria such as:

  • What is in my water?
  • What solution option(s) exist for my water problem?
  • What is my budget?
  • Where can I purchase my solution of choice?
  • Will I install the system myself or do I want someone to do it for me?
  • What are my needs relative to ongoing service/maintenance?

Professional Water DealersPentair Water
High-End Kitchen & Bath ShowroomsEverpure
Plumbing Contractor
Builder/Remodeling Contractor
Kitchen & Bath Showroom
American Plumber
Mass Retail
Home Improvement/DIY

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